2020 Community Scarecrow Contest

The Kendall Family Farm Adventures (KFFA) will host a Community Scarecrow Contest. The contest is open to businesses, clubs, organizations, families, and individuals (all ages). Get into the Halloween spirit and bring your imaginative idea to life! There is no cost to participate in this friendly competition. KFFA will supply each entry with one straw bale; participants will need to supply the rest of their materials for their scarecrow. Winners will be named by a popular vote made online and through social media.


How to Participate:

  • Register as a business, individual/family, NPO/organization using the links above by October 1 

  • Coordinate your pick up time to get your straw bale from KFFA 

  • Pick your theme and make your scarecrow!

Get Votes!

  • Bring your scarecrow to display at KFFA between October 9 - October 11!

  • Share our voting link on social media to get votes for your scarecrow or bring your friends to the farm to vote in person!


The scarecrow with the most votes will win a $25 gift card. 



  • Entries must be registered by October 1, 2020.

  • Entries must be installed at KFFA on October 9-11, 2020. Participants are responsible for transporting scarecrows to KFFA. 

  • KFFA will post a photo of each entry on their Facebook and Instagram profiles. Contestants will need to share THIS PHOTO from the KFFA page for the likes to be considered as votes. Other photos with likes will NOT be considered as votes.  

  • Entries except for the winner of both categories will be disposed of if not picked up by October 27, 2020.

  • Entries should not be larger than a 3’ x 5’ area.

  • Scarecrows must be self-standing and wind-resistant as possible. KFFA is not responsible for your scarecrow while on display, they will remain outside during the duration of the display.

  • Scarecrows should be named, with a short description, your group’s or business’ name

  • Electricity will not be available. Do not include live plant material, mulch, Tiki torches, flammable objects, or gas/electric powered generators with your scarecrow.

  • Scarecrows must be family-friendly. KFFA reserves the right to refuse any scarecrow if deemed inappropriate.

Ideas & Tips (from Purdue NW)

  • Scotchgard works to protect clothes against mildew.

  • Stuffing can be made from many materials. Plastic bags & bubble wrap work well. Newspaper is not suggested.

  • Scarecrows are outdoors and exposed to the elements for a full month. Please avoid water-soluble glues and paints.

  • Use weather-resistant material like nylon & polyester.

  • Ideas for the head: stuffed pillowcase, gourd, milk jug, ball, or wood.

  • Ideas for hair: shredded plastic, dried moss, old mop, yarn.

  • Scarecrows stay outside so make sure everything is secure. Sewing works best, but large safety pins or staples will work.

  • A great resource: Scarecrows: Making Harvest Figures and Other Yard Folks by Felder Rushing.