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Our Family with the Hoosier Homestead Award


V.K. Kendall Farms is a third-generation family farm in Central Indiana. Since 1946, our family has produced corn, soybeans, wheat, sunflowers, and canola as well as raise livestock. Our family's business has thrived through hard work and honesty.


The farm is now in the hands of the Kendall brothers, Russ and Lee Kendall who have worked on the farm their whole lives. Their father, Verlin ‘Keith’ Kendall was the inspiration for the first corn maze design in 2016. Keith passed away in 2010 and ran the farm for over 40 years. In addition to farming, Keith served his country in World War II and returned home with a Purple Heart Honor. He loved to do anything outdoors and spent most days fishing, hunting, gardening while most likely stirring up trouble at the same time. He loved his family, especially his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

In 2016, our family took a leap of faith to create Kendall Family Farm Adventures Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch. Now entering our seventh year of operations, we know that Keith would have loved to be a part of this Adventure. Each year, we learn a little more about the agritourism business to provide a better experience for our visitors. It's our goal to become a fall tradition that families look forward to year after year. 


Each year, we change our maze theme and design; here are our designs from over the years. 



Our very first season was dedicated to our grandfather, Verlin K. Kendall.


In 2017 we celebrated our Hoosier Homestead Award. Our farm was recognized by the state of Indiana for being in our family for 150 years.

2017 maze from drone.jpg
Kendall IN (1).jpg


To show our appreciation for local heroes, our 2018 design celebrated the veterans, firefighters, police, EMTs, medical professionals that are invaluable to our community!


Our family loves Halloween and what better way to show it than make it the theme of our 2019 maze!

2019MazeDesign copy.jpg
2020 maze.jpeg


We celebrated our 5th year by incorporating elements from our past designs into our 2020 maze!

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